Below you will see frequently asked questions and their answers. More may be added as time goes on:

Demo Reels

What program do you use to make the reels?

I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio to put the reels together.

Are you able to grab clips of my work or my child’s work from a DVD or Netflix for their reel?

Yes, if you need clips from a DVD for the reel, I am able to do so. (please no blu-ray discs) I am also able to pull footage from Netflix. GooglePlay, Amazon, and iTunes are also options provided the project is in the Canadian store. Those will have an additional fee as I need to purchase them to get the material.

How long does a reel take to do?

Each reel takes a different amount of time depending on how many projects are included and what type of project they are.

What if I have a deadline?

Please let me know of your deadline upfront and I will let you know if it’s possible, most often it is.

How much does it cost?

A theatrical reel starts at $50.


How long have you been working on websites?

I began working on websites in 2008.

Can I just send you my child’s photos in an email, tell you their name, and you set up a website?

A website is something that needs to be talked about so that you know a little more about me, I know more about your child’s career so far, and pricing needs to be discussed.

Why are there fees for a website?

There are fees for a website because unfortunately everything needed isn’t free. Domains cost money, designs, and the host. As well a lot of work and time is put in to maintaining the site.

How much does a website cost?

A website currently is $200/year and this includes hosting and maintenance. Additional costs are found in the design depending on the style of the website and cost paid to a designer for layouts or wordpress theme.

When is the right time for a website?

There are no set requirements to what makes a website a good idea or a bad idea at the time. Everyone has an unique resume that can have a large list of credits in one particular area such as print, or a variety of credits over theatrical, commercial and print. Some may have several guest star roles or short films while someone else may be recurring on a television show. The best way to judge it in my opinion is knowing these three things: 1) Do you plan on staying in the industry for as long as you can? (especially for children who haven’t started school yet) 2) How do you plan on using your website?  3) Do you feel now is the right time to get one set up?