Child Actor/Model Websites

There are no set requirements to what makes a website a good idea or a bad idea at the time for a child. Each child is unique, their resumes are different and so are their experiences in the industry. Some children who have websites have lengthy resumes, with credits in one certain area such as print or a selection of credits spread out in various categories of work. Others have shorter resumes, maybe a commercial and a television show, but they are recurring on that show and see a fair amount of work that way. Some also prefer to get started early on so that the website grows with the child as they book new jobs. The person who knows if a site is a good idea, is you. You as the parent know how much your child has done, what the extent of their work in each booking has been, and also know whether you plan on being in the industry for a year or two (especially for children who haven’t started school) or if this is something you would like to continue as long as possible. If you feel that you and your child are ready to have a website then that means it is likely the right time to start one.


Unfortunately websites do come with a cost. A lot of what is needed costs money such as the hosting company, domain, and the designs. As well it does take a lot of time and hard work to maintain the website and make sure it is running at its full potential. All fees are paid annually minus layouts, the money is paid to the designer at the time of order. I do offer discounts on additional sites when families are looking to give each child their own separate website. For more information on pricing, please contact me


Each website comes with many wonderful features to make it a fun and also professional place for everyone to keep up to date on you or your child’s career. Depending on the set up chosen a website will offer either an overview of information and projects or an in depth showcase of everything you or your child has worked on. Each website, no matter the set up choice, does include a biography, resume, headshots, and contact information for your rep(s). From there you may also include videos whether it be a demo reel or clips, additional images such as stills or behind the scenes photos, and a variety of other options.

Each site gets its features from a few helpful hands. Our wonderful designs are courtesy of a selection of designers including Sarah at Serberry Designs. The gallery is powered by Coppermine Gallery which allows for amazing modifications in design and organization. The Guestbook is powered by Gbook which allows for the customization to make a welcoming appearance when visitors come to leave messages, and each website is hosted by Surpass Hosting to ensure the site has adequate room for media files and a reliable up time.